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Maui with GyPSy Guide Tour App
Road To Hana - Maui, Hawaii with GyPSy Guide Tour App

Road to Hana, Maui


The Road to Hana from Paia to Oheo Gulch. We'll point out all the waterfalls, viewpoints and beaches, but we have 5 "not to be missed" stops. On the return drive, there are stories about Hawaii's rich history.

140+ Audio Points
Haleakala National Park with GyPSy Guide Tour App

Haleakala National Park


The summit of Haleakala is spectacular, no matter what time of day. Drive from sea level to the peak at 10,000 ft, through upcountry towns and rainbow eucalypt forests, finally arriving at the moonscape terrain at the peak.

90+ Audio Points



The Road to Hana is one of the world’s most scenic drives and a popular sightseeing activity to see Maui’s spectacular waterfalls, black sand beaches, bamboo forests, lava rock formations and amazing ocean views as you wind your way through 620 curves and 59 bridges.

On the GyPSy Guide Driving Tour App we’ll give you 5 recommended “not to be missed” stops, plus many more suggestions, if you have allowed lots of time to explore.  GyPSy will explain why each place is interesting and you decide whether you want to stop.

If you prefer travelling independently, at your own pace, our app provides the best Road to Hana tour experience, along with the freedom to choose what you enjoy; more time with the black sand between your toes, stopping for more waterfalls,  or maybe time to enjoy that extra slice of banana bread.

Road to HanaWaterfalls on Road to HanaHamoa BeachRainbow Eucalyptus TreesBlack Sand Beach, WaiʻanapanapaPipiwai Trail BambooSeven Sacred Pools (Oheo Gulch)


The tour operates as a return trip.  Audio commentary starts as you drive along the Hana Highway, 36, towards the town of Paia and continues all the way to Oheo Gulch, and back.

We’ll be sure to point out all the best waterfalls, beaches and viewpoints, but it’s a long day, so we have nominated 5 Road to Hana stops “not to be missed” highlights.  We’ll also recommend to you how to not waste your time.

On the return drive from Hana, you won’t want to make more stops, so we’ll keep you entertained for the drive by sharing stories about Hawaii’s fascinating history.

Keanae Arboretum

Wai’anapanapa State Park

Hamoa Beach

Keanae Peninsular

Wailua Falls

Seven Sacred Pools at Kipahulu


 Join the tour at these locations, or anywhere along the route.  As you pass through the next point, commentary will trigger automatically.



Where does the tour start?

The tour commentary begins on Highway 36, the Hana Highway, just east of the junction with Airport Road. When you reach the Hana Highway, turn right (east) and drive towards the town of Paia.

If you are starting your sightseeing drive from the resort areas like Kaanapali, Lahaina, Kihei and Wailea, you must first drive across the island to join Hwy 36 and the beginning of the tour commentary. Follow the signs as if you are driving toward Kahului Airport. You will not hear any commentary until you reach the Hana Highway itself, which is where the tour starts and you will be welcomed by the introduction.

If you would like to hear commentary all the way from resort areas like Kaanapali, Kapalua, Kihei and Wailea, we suggest purchasing the Maui GyPSy Guide App, which covers sightseeing everywhere on the island.

How long is the road to Hana and what time should we start?

It’s about 51 miles from Kahalui to Hana and another 10 miles to Ohe’o Gulch and the Seven Sacred Pools.

There’s a lot to see on the Road to Hana, and the earlier you get started, the more you you will get to see and enjoy.

We recommend leaving the resort areas like Kaanapali, Kapaplua, Lahaina, Wailea and Kihei by 7.30am to maximize your day and to get ahead of the crowds.

You can read our blog articles for more trip planning advice for the Road to Hana.

Should I drive the back road to Hana?

This is a great question and the answer is very important.

You might see articles or forum comments from locals that say that driving the “backside” of Haleakala to connect to the Road to Hana is better.  What “locals” sometimes don’t take into account is that as a visitor you are driving a rental car.  The major rental companies prohibit their vehicle being take past the Oheo Gulch area. If you had an incident, like a flash flood, or a breakdown, it will cost you thousands of $$$s in recovery costs. The chances might be low, but its a risk to you and you will be deliberately violating your contact – so make an informed decision.

Can I do the tour in reverse?

Our tour is structured so we do all of our sightseeing stops on our way outbound towards Hana. For most people, they’ve enjoyed a long day of sightseeing with many stops by the time they reach the Oheo Gulch, and want to drive back non-stop. So we’ve created and interesting collection of stories about Hawaiian history and culture to make the drive back entertaining and help pass the time.

Driving to Oheo Gulch and Seven Sacred Pools requires approximately 2.5 hours. It is our opinion that’s a long time before you even start sightseeing!  We think its better to make stops on the way outbound while you are energetic!  Plus the sightseeing gets better and better as you continue on.

If the question is whether you will beat crowds by going to the end first – the best way to beat the crowds is to leave early! Leave your resort by 7.30am and you will be ahead of most visitors.

If hiking the Pipiwai Trail is high on your list, the advice is the same, do your sightseeing on the way out but leave early and you will be on the trail before most hikers.

What should I bring?

Its important to keep charging your device as you drive and we recommend using a DC cigarette lighter-style of charger. Plugging directly into the vehicle’s USB port is not recommended.

Cash.  There are limited ATM and credit card options.

Fill up your gas tank and bring some food & drinks.

Beachwear, sunscreen and sturdy shoes if hiking.

Don’t forget your smile and some aloha.


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