GPS Audio Driving Tour Apps

GyPsy Guide uses GPS location aware technology to trigger commentary points along the route.  GPS signal is free, so no connection to cellular, data or wifi is required while touring.

  • Download over wifi
  • Preview the tour in browse mode “before we go”
  • Join the tour at the recommended start locations, or anywhere along the route
  • Tap “start driving” when you’re ready to tour, follow instructions
  • Call us if you have questions – (we have live real person support!)

Plays automatically

Stories, tips, advice and directions about your surrounds, as you drive.

Great Value

More comprehensive and entertaining information than on a bus tour or guidebooks, for just a fraction of the cost.  And you control the itinerary.

Explore Like A Local

It’s just like having a local friend show you around.  And that friend just happens to be a professional tour guide.

Works Offline

Download over wifi, then tour offline.  No data, cellular or wireless network connection needed while touring.


Stay charged.  Location aware services drains battery faster, so take a DC style (cigarette) style charger, if you plan on touring all day.

Use Bluetooth or AUX.  Want to pair your phone and vehicle so you can hear the tour through the vehicle stereo?   Bluetooth or AUX is preferred. We don’t recommend using USB to charge or pair your phone. USB isn’t the best charging option and can often cause pairing conflicts, especially in rental cars.

Refer our FAQ & Support page for other questions, or call us toll free.

GyPSy Guide
GyPSy Guide produce award winning audio tours along scenic drives around the world.

Enjoyed by travelers who prefer to set their own pace and itinerary on vacation, but enjoy a fun, informative and educational guided experience.

A great tool for visitors, encouraging them to learn more, explore further and return.