FAQs and Help

How to Find My Tours

How to find and manage your collection of purchased audio tours in the GyPSy Guide app.
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Travel Tip – Bluetooth

Some easy tips and troubleshooting for pairing your phone and device to hear tour commentary through the car stereo.
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GyPSy Guide Audio Tours App

Migrate to New Single App

How to move your old individual previously purchased tours over into the new single design app.

Do I need cell or wifi signal?

No, download content and tour offline with free gps signal from satellites, not cell or wifi service.

Tour Offline

Is there a time limit to use?

Tours are one-time purchase, no monthly subscriptions, no time limits and free updates.

Yours to Keep

Is there a set itinerary?

Ours tours are flexible and all inclusive, so you can divide into multiple routes and sightseeing days.

View Tours

Can I use it to help plan my trip?

Yes, see the Tour Plan in app or even more comprehensive Trip Planners on the website.

Trip Planners

How should I keep my phone charged?

We highly recommend using a dc car charger plug as the best method for charging.

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Can I listen to the tour thru the car stereo?

Yes. You’ll need to set up a successful phone+media pairing between your phone and car.

Watch the Video

Can I gift a tour to someone?

Aren’t you nice! Yes, just head over to our store and toggle on “send tours as a gift” option. 

Buy A Gift Tour

How do I import my old tours?

Simple steps to import old tours that you previously purchased into the new single app design.

Import Old Tours

Can I upgrade to a bundle?

Yes, find the bundle in the Explore tab. Price listed is adjusted, crediting your purchased tours.

Upgrade to Bundle

What devices will it work on?

All mobile devices that include a GPS chip, and meet the minimum operating system requirements.

Apple iPad Wifi only models and Kindle Fire do not include a GPS chip and are prevented from downloading.

Is it a monthly subscription?

No, it’s a one time purchase with no time limit or expiry and includes free updates.

How much does it cost?

Each tour is priced individually and listed on the tour page. It’s a one time purchase, no expiry and free updates. Save more when you buy a bundle.

Tours and Bundles

It is free?

The app is a free download that includes free trip planning advice, sample itineraries and highlights you’ll see along the way. Buy each audio tour or a bundle from in-app or directly from our website.

Tours and Bundles

How do I buy the tours?

Find the tour(s) or bundle that matches your current and future road trips on our website. The receipt includes a download link with your purchased tours.

Buy Tours & Bundles

Can I listen to tours again?

Yes. Use the Browse Tour to manually play any audio points when not close to tour location.

Does it include music?

The tours are quite chatty but you can listen to your own playlist as the app operates in background mode. 

When should I buy it?

With no time limit or expiry, it’s best to buy and download from your reliable home signal before you head out on vacation.

How often is it updated?

We’re constantly reviewing for permanent and major changes as well as tour content. Look for the ‘update’ status in My Tours.