What is GyPSy Guide?

GyPSy Guide produce award winning audio tour apps for scenic drives and road trips.

Using free gps signal provided by satellites and your devices gps chip, it determines your location.

Then, commentary plays automatically.  Filled with entertaining behind-the-scene stories, local tips and driving directions.

We’ll guide you to all the not to be missed things to see and do, but also tempt you with suggested sidetrips and lesser known spots, so you’ll be travelling like a local.


How much does it cost?

Each tour is priced individually depending on the length/number of audio points. 

Look for our combination tours that are better value – eg. Arches & Canyonlands, Yellowstone & Grand Teton.

And it’s a one time purchase that is yours to keep.  No time limits.  No subscriptions.

How do I buy and download?

Navigate to the tour(s) you want to buy and download.
Tap on the link to the App Store (Apple) or GooglePlay (Android) store and your account.

If you haven’t downloaded apps before – follow these instructions;

App Store (Apple)


GooglePlay Store (Android)


How does it work without cell service?

The gps chip in your device (phone and most tablets) and satellite signal determine your location and we trigger commentary to play automatically along the routes.

GPS signal is provided by satellites so no cell service, data or wifi signal is required while touring. 

All content (maps, audio, images) is included when you purchase and download each tour.

Can I listen to the commentary before or again after I tour?

Yes.  From the home screen of the app, Browse Tour, where you can manually tap and play any audio points along the route.

How can I get the commentary to play through the car stereo?

The app automatically plays commentary through the speakers in your phone.

In order to hear through the vehicle stereo, you’ll need to create a successful pairing between your phone/tablet and the vehicle.

Refer to the vehicle manual for instructions.

Using location service drains battery faster - how do I keep my phone charged?

We recommended using a car charger, rather than connecting your phone directly into the car usb port.

Car chargers provide a stronger, faster charge, good for when you are out touring all day.

Connecting your phone directly into the vehicle usb port can cause issues with the device thinking it’s paired twice.


Where does the tour start?

Setout from the official start locations, or pick up the commentary anywhere along the route. 

Or if you prefer to keep things flexible, the guide will make recommendations and suggest side-trips with estimated timing so you can decide.

How long do I have to use the app?

It’s a one time purchase that yours to keep.  No time limits.

Is it a one time purchase or subscription?

It’s a one time purchase that yours to keep.  No time limits.

Can I listen to music between audio points?

Yes. The tours operate in background mode. The commentary is detailed, but not constant, so you can chat or play your own music in-between audio points.

Download Questions?

Call toll free number or chat online. Our local experts are happy to talk to you.


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