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Yosemite National Park with GyPSy Guide Tour App

Yosemite National Park


California's Majestic National Park. We'll visit the must do viewpoints, sequoia groves and waterfalls. However if you have more time or want to escape the crowds, we also tour Hetch Hetchy and Tioga Road.

200+ Audio Points
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Yosemite just might be the iconic US National Park.  

A land of giants –  massive granite cliffs and domes provide the setting for dramatic waterfalls to tumble thousands of feet over.  Groves of the world’s largest trees, sequoias.  A showcase of majestic natural beauty, Yosemite is a place everyone should visit at least once in their lifetime.

On your tour, GyPSy Guide’s commentary will help you organize how to make the most of your time, visiting the most iconic sites, but also the places that give you a chance to experience Yosemite away from the crowds.  

Hetch HetchyTioga PassGlacier PointMariposa GroveYosemite FallsEl Capitan


Your GyPSy Guide tour of Yosemite National Park covers all the roads in the Park including the the Tioga Road and also the drive to Hetch Hetchy. You can join the tour as you approach any of the 4 entrances to the Park. Its a comprehensive tour that includes more than 200 commentary points.

Yosemite Falls

Giant Sequoia Groves

Bridalveil Falls

Hetch Hetchy

Glacier Point

El Capitan

Tioga Road


 Indicate our suggested start locations, or join the tour anywhere along the route and as you pass through the next point, commentary will trigger automatically.



Where does the tour start?

There are 4 separate entrances to Yosemite. Depending on which entrance you use, the commentary might start 30 minutes before you reach the official Park Entrance Station. Please see the guide below to see where commentary will start for your approach to the Park. You can of course join the tour anywhere along the route, it is not necessary to begin at a particular location.

Entering at Big Oak Flat Entrance Station. This is the fastest way to the Park from San Francisco and Sacramento, using Highway 120. The last town before reaching the entrance is Groveland. Launch the tour as you leave Groveland and the first commentary will play approximately 8-10 minutes out of town, just a minute after you see signs for Sprague Rd.

Entering at El Portal. This is the Highway 140 approach. Once you leave the town of Mariposa launch the tour and you will drive through the first commentary point in about 5 minutes. The introduction will begin just after you see the sign for the KOA Campground.

Entering at Fish Camp/Wawona. If using Highway 41 to enter the Park from the south approach, launch the tour as you enter the small town of Fish Camp. The first commentary plays as you leave town and its only 5 minutes to the Entrance Station from there.

Entering from Lee Vining/East Entrance at Tioga Pass. If you are approaching Yosemite from the East side of the Sierra Nevada using US Route 395, you will turn west onto 120 at Lee Vining. Its an amazing climb up to Tioga Pass where the Entrance Station is located. It takes approximately 20 minute to make the climb, depending on your speed. The first commentary is just before the entrance. Once you see a small lake on your left (Ellery Lake), launch the tour and the first point will play in about 1 minute.

Can I listen on the free shuttle buses?

At busy times, traffic congestion and parking can be a challenge in Yosemite Valley, the loop drive where the village is located. It can be helpful to use the free shuttles for these times.  Though the tour is designed for driving yourself, it will play even if you are on the shuttle bus. You might like to bring earbuds if you are going to use the tour on the bus.

I've read there is very little cell service in the Park - will that affect the tour?

Absolutely not. Its true that cellular network signal is very limited in the Park. Your GyPSy Guide tour only uses your location while you are driving. This is from the free GPS signal that comes from satellites – it does not come from cell networks. Your location is always available even where there is no cell coverage.

What should I bring?

Its important to keep charging your device as you drive and we recommend using a DC cigarette lighter-style of charger. Plugging directly into the vehicle’s USB port is not recommended.

Fill up your gas tank and bring some food & drinks. There are food services in the village, but parking and line ups can make it slow.

Water, sunscreen and sturdy shoes if hiking.

Don’t forget your smile and camera.


Driving to Yosemite: Everything You Need to Know

Driving to Yosemite: Everything You Need to Know

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