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  • 3 Road Trips: Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam & Red Rock Canyon
  • Travel to closest Grand Canyon viewpoints
  • Head to Red Rock Canyon for taste of Mojave desert
  • Be awed at Hoover Dam & Bridge

About this Tour

  • Start S Las Vegas Blv Strip
  • 220+ Audio Points
  • Allow 1 -3 Days


What to Expect

Maybe you’ve been to Las Vegas before and have decided you want to explore beyond the casinos and lights of the Strip.  Or you’re here for the first time, but want to combine the nightlife of Vegas with some sightseeing and adventure.

All 3 routes are included, so you can mix and match your itinerary, to match your time, pace and taste.  You can easily fill 2 full days or more of sightseeing if you visit all of the places on the tour.  If you have only one day available, the best choice is either Hoover Dam + Grand Canyon West or Hoover Dam + Red Rock Canyon.


Includes 3 road trips to explore from Las Vegas + Bonus Las Vegas Boulevard, The Strip & Old Vegas

Grand Canyon GyPSy Guide Driving Tour App

Grand Canyon West Rim

The West Rim is the closest and most accessible area to view the Grand Canyon and the location of the optional glass SkyWalk, (if you are brave enough). It’s a full day drive from Las Vegas through lots of desert, so we’ll fill the journey there with stories about the canyon, so you’ll know what to expect and be a little more knowledgeable about the geology, wildlife and people that make this a Natural World Wonder.

On the drive back to Las Vegas, you’ll hear stories about some of the unique characters from Las Vegas history, Area 51, Atomic City and more.

Las Vegas to Hoover Dam with GyPSy Guide Driving Tour App

Hoover Dam

The Hoover Dam is a short 1/2 day trip from Las Vegas and remains an impressive engineering achievement.

Be amazed at the height of the concrete walls, water levels of Lake Mead, the view looking down from the bypass bridge, or go behind the scenes and add on a tour inside the Power Plant.  It’s all impressive.

Las Vegas to Red Rock Canyon with GyPSy Guide Driving Tour App

Red Rock Canyon

Red Rock Canyon is only 30 minutes from the Strip, but gives you a glimpse into the Mojave desert environment that borders Las Vegas. The 13 mile scenic loop drive has many viewpoints, seasonal waterfall oasis, and hiking opportunities.

Highly recommend going into the new Visitor Centre with indoor and outdoor exhibits.  It’s also home to the tortoise habitat and their caretakers, the “Tort Wranglers”.



Las Vegas to Hoover Dam with GyPSy Guide Driving Tour App

Las Vegas


Includes 3 recommended sightseeing trips from Las Vegas: Hoover Dam, Grand Canyon West and Red Rock Canyon. Rent a car and explore past the Las Vegas Strip.

220 Audio Points
Grand Canyon GPS Audio Driving Tour with GyPSy Guide

Grand Canyon South Rim


Listen to stories as you drive to the Grand Canyon South Rim from Flagstaff, Williams or Cameron. Once inside the Park we also tour to all the best sites in the Village and Rim route drives.

190+ Audio Points
Yosemite National Park with GyPSy Guide Tour App

Yosemite National Park


California's Majestic National Park. We'll visit the must do viewpoints, sequoia groves and waterfalls. However if you have more time or want to escape the crowds, we also tour Hetch Hetchy and Tioga Road.

200+ Audio Points



Where does the tour start?

All tours start by driving southbound on Las Vegas Blvd – the Strip.  Commentary introducing the tours and providing instructions how to join the different routes begins as you cross the the MGM – New York New York intersection.

The Hoover Dam and Grand Canyon West routes both turn left onto Sunset Blvd. The Red Rock canyon turns right onto Blue Diamond Rd. The audio includes all the instructions you will need.

You can easily fill 2 full days or more of sightseeing if you visit all of the places on the tour.  If you have only one day available, the best choice is between Hoover Dam + Grand Canyon West or Hoover Dam + Red Rock Canyon.

Which is better West Rim or South Rim?

South Rim is the original and best known location to view the Grand Canyon. Since the West Rim location has been developed for a visitor experience, it has halved the driving time to get to the Canyon from Las Vegas, which used to be 5 hours to the South Rim, one way and then 5 hours to drive back to Vegas!

The Canyon views are equally spectacular at the West Rim and it of course offers the opportunity to walk on the Glass SkyWalk. Visiting the Grand Canyon West Rim can be done as a comfortable day trip and is extra awesome because you can visit Hoover Dam on the way.

From Las Vegas, Grand Canyon West Rim is the better choice for seeing the Grand Canyon.

What's the cost to visit the West Rim?

Its important to know that there are entrance/legacy fees to visit the Hualapai Nation and Glass SkyWalk.   Visit https://www.grandcanyonwest.com/ for further details.

This includes access to 3 different areas at the canyon location, transportation to get from site to site and a meal. Its important to know these costs in advance so you are not surprised when you arrive.

You must pay the legacy fee to have access to the West Rim site.  The Glass Skywalk is an additional cost over the legacy/entrance fee.

At busy times of year, you can avoid lining up for entrance by pre-purchasing you legacy ticket online before you arrive. Pre-booking additional activities like helicopter sightseeing is strongly recommended.

What should I bring?

Pre-purchase your Grand Canyon West Rim tickets in advance, it’ll save you time and money!

It’s important to keep charging your device as you drive and we recommend using a DC cigarette lighter-style of charger. Plugging directly into the vehicle’s USB port is not recommended.

Fill up your gas tank and bring some snacks & drinks for the drives.

Outside of winter, all of these locations can be very hot, so be sure to bring water and sunscreen. If you plan to do some of the short walks or hikes, bring comfortable footwear that are suitable for unpaved trails.

What can I do with only 1/2 day?

If you can only free up a half day for sightseeing, your best options are to choose between either Red Rock Canyon or the Hoover Dam. Half a day is not enough time to get to the Grand Canyon.

Hoover Dam has 2 major attractions – the dam and the bridge. You can take the dam tour which takes you into the power generation sections inside the dam. Its well worth walking up the stairs or ramp to get onto the ByPass Bridge.  From there you can take fantastic photos of the dam from high above it. There is an option to visit the small downtown area of Boulder city along the drive back

If you choose Red Rock Canyon, this is a more natural experience. The red rocks and the views to the surrounding mountains and the valley are superb. You can also do some rewarding short walks if you feel energetic. As we drive back to Vegas, there are options to visit the Premium Outlet Mall and Downtown Las Vegas along the way.

So your choice is whether to visit one pf the USA’s greatest engineering marvels, or to enjoy the fantastic show put on by nature and the desert at Red Rock Canyon.


What can I do in 1 day?

With one full day to explore, it is best to choose between these to combinations:

Hoover Dam and Grand Canyon West. This will be a fairly long day and you should aim to leave your resort by 9.30am. You might not get back to Las Vegas until after sunset.

Or if you don’t want to drive as far, combining Hoover Dam and Red Rock Canyon is a comfortable day that stays fairly close to Las Vegas.

This tour app allows you to do any of these options.


What can I do in 2 days?

If you have 2 full days for sightseeing, that is fantastic and you will be able to do everything!

On Day 1, drive the Hoover Dam and Grand Canyon West Route. It’s best to be on the road by 9.30am in order to fit everything in without having to rush.  Aim to be leaving Hoover Dam by 12.30pm to continue driving towards the Grand Canyon.

For Day 2, start out by driving to Red Rock Canyon.  There are other suggested stops along the route to get there. Its OK to sleep in a little on this day – you are on vacation! The route back to Las Vegas will take us past the Premium Outlet Mall if you would like to do some shopping. We also visit Downtown Las Vegas and Fremont Street on this route.  Stay until after dark to enjoy the overhead light show.

You can of course choose to swith the order of Day 1 and Day 2.


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