Canyonlands National Park with GyPSy Guide Driving Tour App


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Canyonlands National Park Tour by GyPSy Guide App

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Canyonlands National Park with GyPSy Guide Driving Tour App
Canyonlands National Park with GyPSy Guide Driving Tour App

Canyonlands National Park


The incredible Island in the Sky. In contrast to Arches National Park, but just as spectacular, don't overlook this National Park on your visit to Moab. More incredible outlooks of cliffs and canyons.

74 Audio Points
Arches National Park with GyPSy Guide Driving Tour App

Arches National Park


Breathtaking Land Features. Beyond the amazing natural formations, you'll hear stories about the fragile ecosystem and some of the characters who were drawn to the challenging desert environment.

70+ Audio Points


Canyonlands offers a surprisingly different experience even though its only across the valley from the more famous Arches National Park.

From the many fantastic overlooks, we get different perspective of this convoluted mesa surround by cliffs and canyons.  And we’ll hear about interesting and varied human usage of the unique formation.

There are many fantastic scenic viewpoints, and each one offers a different vantage point understand how this is an island in the sky.

If we start later in the day, arrange your time so you are still in the Park for a spectacular sunset. Enthusiastic photographers should get up early if the want to capture Canyonlands’ most famous image – sunrise through Mesa Arch.

After we finish at the park, this GyPSy Guide App for Canyonlands will share stories to keep you entertained for the drive back to Moab.

Green River OverlookMonitor And Merrimac ButtesGrand View OverlookMesa ArchUpheaval Dome CraterAztec Butte


The tour begins right from downtown Moab as we drive to the entrance of the Park, and then explore all the paved routes inside the Park itself.  On our tour we explore what is called the Island in the Sky district.

You can visit Canyonlands in a half day but allow yourself a little more time if you plan to do some of the short but very rewarding hikes to take you a little further than the roadside attractions.

Merrimac & Monitor

Grand View Point

Aztec Butte

Mesa Arch

Green River Outlook

Upheaval Dome


 Indicate our suggested start locations, or join the tour anywhere along the route and as you pass through the next point, commentary will trigger automatically.



Where does the tour start?

The tour starts in Moab by following Highway 191, N Main St, north towards the Park entrance.

A few minutes after we pass the entry to Arches National Park, we will turn west onto highway 313. We will reach the entrance to the Park after approximately 20 minutes.

If arriving from the north, join the tour by turning right onto Highway 313.

Is Needles included in the tour?

Unfortunately not.  The tour for Canyonlands National Park covers the Island in the Sky portion of the Park, and this is the section that has the most things to see. The Needles part is worth visiting, but the entrance to this small area is located 60 miles south of Moab.

If arriving from the north, join the tour by turning right onto Highway 313.

What should I bring?

Its important to keep charging your device as you drive and we recommend using a DC cigarette lighter-style of charger. Plugging directly into the vehicle’s USB port is not recommended.

Bring snacks lunch and water. There are no services available once you enter the Park.

Don’t forget your smile and camera.

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