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Driving Tour Guide Oahu

Waikiki is the heart of of the Hawaiian Islands, but at some time it’s nice to leave the busy hub and explore around the island of Oahu, getting a bit more feel of Hawaiian aloha.

We have divided Oahu into 2 popular driving tour routes, Island Circle and Beaches and Volcanoes. Each tour explores a different part of the island but both are spectacular.

If you want to try a tour for free, our Free Driving Tour from Waikiki to Pearl Harbor gives you a sample of how GyPSy Guide commentary is entertaining and informative. We know you will enjoy this introduction to the memorial at Pearl Harbor and the small insights into Hawaiian culture and tradition.  All Oahu driving routes are included in our Oahu Full Island driving tour app.

If you prefer travelling independently, our GyPSy Guide apps provide a guided tour experience, along with the freedom to choose what you enjoy; playing commentary AUTOMATICALLY as you drive, sharing interesting and entertaining stories about the things you are seeing and the places you are visiting.

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Oahu Full Island

Allow 1 - 2 days sightseeing
Looking to rent a car and get out of Waikiki for a day or two and tour around Oahu? Our Oahu Full Island Driving Tour App includes the two most...

Waikiki to Pearl Harbor

Allow 1/2 day sightseeing
This tour app guides us directly to Pearl Harbor and the location of the USS Arizona from downtown Waikiki, and then back again...

Oahu Beaches & Volcanoes

Allow 1/2 - full day sightseeing
Starting from downtown Waikiki, this driving tour guides you to the many fantastic locations in Oahu’s South Eastern corner. The tour consists of...

Oahu Island Circle

Allow full day sightseeing
Many visitors have a strong urge to get out and explore past the beaches of Waikiki, and that is exactly how this tour is designed – to...

Travel Planning Tips & Advice

Oahu Full Island Tour App

The 2 Best Drives to do in a Rental Car From Waikiki

Rent a car for freedom to explore Oahu You’ve had your fill of lounging beachside at that swanky Waikiki resort and now you’re looking for a little adventure. That means it’s time for an Oahu road trip. Rent a car and go! Those who explore outside of Waikiki and Honolulu will be...
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