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From Miami you can enjoy one of the most loved and popular road trips anywhere in the US.

The most famous drive to enjoy is along the Overseas Highway. Its like no other drive you have ever done before as you pass over the Atlantic Ocean, hopping from Island to island in the Florida Keys. Key West is the ultimate destination and has a flavour all its own. But along the way, there are many scenic and fascinating sights to see and GyPSy will help you decide which are the stops that best suit you.

Plus there are many stories about life along these coral islands and of course the incredible vision that has led to an amazing driving experience.

If you prefer travelling independently, our GyPSy Guide apps provide a guided tour experience, along with the freedom to choose what you enjoy; playing commentary AUTOMATICALLY as you drive, sharing interesting and entertaining stories about the things you are seeing and the places you are visiting.

Miami to Key West

Allow full day sightseeing
This is definitely one of the USA’s most famous and classic road trips and you’ll want to  spend a day (or more) sightseeing and driving...