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Avoid These 5 Mistakes When On The Road To Hana

Are you thinking of driving Maui’s Road To Hana? Then you better be prepared.

Road to Hana Maui Tour App

Although this 70 mile/110km Maui drive serves up some of the most amazing scenery in the state, it’s not an adventure to take lightly. So here are five mistakes you need to avoid when driving this thrilling road.

Sleeping in too late

Now’s not the time to catch up on sleep.

Unless you’re on the road by at least 7:30 a.m., you can expect the Road To Hana to be crowded with other drivers. And that means not only will your trip crawl along at a snail’s pace, but there will also be less room to park your vehicle along the most popular rest stops.

Forgetting to pack food

Although you will likely find a couple fruit stands along the way, the Road To Hana offers very few options for grabbing a meal. So if you don’t stock up on drinks and snacks before setting out, you’ll be starving by the time you arrive in town.

And also keep in mind that the options for grub in Hana – with a population of about 1200 – are pretty limited.

Trying to see everything in one day

Don’t rush into your Road To Hana trip trying to squeeze everything in at once. There are so many spectacular sights in this area, there’s no way to pack them all into a single day.

But a guide can help you take in only the best attractions. You could book a traditional guided Road To Hana tour, but then you’re tied to the operator’s itinerary and don’t have the freedom to see the sights at your own pace.

So if you’re more of an independent traveller, consider a GyPSy Guide audio tour guide app. These programs fill you in on the attractions, while still allowing you the freedom of solo exploration.

Not yielding to local drivers

Not everyone driving the Road To Hana is an awe-struck traveller soaking up the scenery. So if a vehicle comes up behind you and flashes their lights, pull over at the first safe opportunity.

Holding up traffic on this winding stretch of road can cause chaos, especially if drivers try to pass. So be polite and earn some karma points by letting the locals scoot by.

Returning via the ‘back side’

Road To Hana Maui Tour App

If you’re the adventurous type, you might be tempted to travel the “back side” (also known as the Pilani Highway) of the Road To Hana on your return trip.

Our recommendation: don’t do it. You’ll be motoring down a remote, unauthorized road that is unpaved, extremely windy and dotted with some major potholes. You could easily become stranded out here if your vehicle blows a tire.

Those who want to gaze out at remote Hawaiian scenery will probably be better off booking a helicopter tour.   Sure, these high-flying trips can be pricey – but it’s cheaper than paying fora tow-truck if your car gets stuck.

Ready to Hit the Road?

Take your time and enjoy the stops along the Road to Hana.   A truly enjoyable road trip isn’t about getting from point A to B, it’s about the relaxed pace, the freedom of the open road and the adventures along the way.

And if you want to get an even better experience while on this amazing road trip, check out the GyPSy Guide Road to Hana App or GyPSy Guide Maui App.

It provides a guided audio tour, so you can learn even more about the area as you drive.  Don’t miss a thing on your drive, visit the must see waterfalls, best beaches and listen to stories  about Hawaii’s culture and history.  All commentary plays automatically and the apps work offline, so no data or cellular signal is required after download.

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