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Sometimes things don’t work the way they are supposed to the first time, but thankfully most things can easily be fixed!

Problems with the tour activating and playing are most often due to how the phone or device’s settings are configured. Below are the most common issues and fixes.

If you need assistance, you can call our Help Line, 1866 477 4171 and we will do our best to assist you.


    The apps are larger than “normal” apps.  That’s why we are able make them activate automatically without needing a network connection while you are out touring. Therefore you need to do the app download over a Wi-Fi connection.  In order to save you from large data consumption, most cellular carriers will block downloading larger apps over data.  Wait until you are connected to a reliable wifi connection and download again. The App Store or  Google Play Store will not charge you for downloading the same app twice. Some public and hotel Wi-Fi connections are really slow – be patient and wait for the download, or find a faster wireless network.

    The tours use the GPS signal acquired by your device. The app does does not acquire the location data any other way. If it does not receive GPS signal, it will be caused by something to do with the device. So try these things.

      • Are you outside with a clear view to the sky? Most devices need to be outdoors to pick up GPS signal adequately from satellites. Some buildings, parking garages, etc will block GPS signal.
      • Is your GPS/Location Service turned on? Please note that iPads that are WiFi-only models do not contain a GPS chip. They do not have the necessary hardware components
      • If Location Services is activated, but still not finding location: Sometimes iPhones or iPads require that you must manually activate the location services function for an individual app. Follow this: Settings -> Privacy. You should see Location Services at the top, tap on the words “Location Services” (not the on/off button). Scroll down the list to find your tour app and switch the on/off button next to it to “on” or “always”.
      • Some Android versions have a separate option in Location Services where you can check the method for Location. Do not use “Power Saving” mode for Location Services in Android. This turns off the GPS chip which is vital while driving. Your device will not know its location while driving if you use this setting. Use a setting that includes using GPS satellites signal.
      • Airplane Mode – this stops ALL transmitting and receiving functions of your device – it blocks GPS signal too. GPS is free – you do not want to block it! Turn Airplane Mode off. Also turn your data roaming and cellular data off if you are concerned about roaming network fees. GyPSy tour apps do not require any data or cellular connection to tour.

    GyPSy Guide Tour App Troubleshooting App 3 GyPsy Guide Tour App Troubleshooting 2  GyPsy Guide App Troubleshooting


        • Is your device’s volume turned up? Sometimes devices will turn volume down when you plug in a cable.
        • If cabled via Auxiliary – make sure that the car stereo is set to AUX (or media-in or similar).
        • Set the volume to maximum WHILE A COMMENTARY POINT IS PLAYING. You can manually play any commentary point by tapping the arrow and tapping the play symbol when the audio box opens. If you are only increasing the volume when commentary is not playing, you may only be increasing your phone’s ringer volume.
        • Some iPhones have issues occasionally with output volume being blocked. If you see commentary playing playing but you cannot hear anything and the volume is set to maximum. Restarting the phone and then relaunching the app will usually correct this error.
        • Bluetooth – Bluetooth connections vary. If you device does not pair with the car it might be an issue with the vehicle’s Bluetooth settings or USB syncing – especially in rental cars. It might just be easier to listen through the device speaker.
        • If relaying through the car stereo, try disconnecting and playing manually through the device speaker. If you hear the audio through the device speaker, then the problem lies with how the connection with the car is set up. Check your car settings.

      • The arrows point in the direction of travel the audio will play.  If you drive through an arrow the opposite way than its pointing – it will not play.  Some tour routes are designed to be driven in a specific direction, make sure you are following the route in the correct direction.  Some routes will have commentary in both directions along the same roads.
      • Does the audio box open on the screen as you drive through an arrow? Do you see the marker progress along the bar to indicate its playing? If so, check your volume and mute settings as described above in “no sound”. If playing through car stereo, check stereo settings and volume.

      Try manually tapping an arrow to open the audio box. Tap the play button. Does it play? if it does, try re-launching the tour. If it doesn’t try the re-booting sequence below.


    If you see any messages along these lines, it usually indicates that the download from your app store has not been completely successful or has been corrupted. Uninstall and then reinstall the app. You will need to do the download over a Wi-Fi connection. If you have paid for the app, you will not be asked to pay again in the app store, the prompt will simply ask you to “install”.


    You were enjoying the tour, but now its stopped working – its annoying, but sometimes stuff just happens. First, close down the app and then re-launch it. If it still won’t work again, try the reboot sequences below.


    Remember that your phone is a small computer. Sometimes processes just get hung up. Like most electronic devices, rebooting might be required to kick it out of what’s causing the issue. Try this sequence below to restart.

      • First level to try is to shut down the app (not just move it behind the active screen). Then relaunch the app. If it does not function normally again try the next step.
      • Shut down the app. Then restart your device. Relaunch the app. If that fails, then we are down to the last option:
      • Shut down the app. Remove the battery from your device for 30 seconds. Reinstall the battery and power on your device. Relaunch the app.