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Oahu Full Island

Allow 1 - 2 days sightseeing
Looking to rent a car and get out of Waikiki for a day or two and tour around Oahu? Our Oahu Full Island Driving Tour App includes the two most...

Waikiki to Pearl Harbor

Allow 1/2 day sightseeing
This tour app guides us directly to Pearl Harbor and the location of the USS Arizona from downtown Waikiki, and then back again...

Oahu Beaches & Volcanoes

Allow 1/2 - full day sightseeing
Starting from downtown Waikiki, this driving tour guides you to the many fantastic locations in Oahu’s South Eastern corner. The tour consists of...

Oahu Island Circle

Allow full day sightseeing
Many visitors have a strong urge to get out and explore past the beaches of Waikiki, and that is exactly how this tour is designed – to...