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What is GyPSy Guide?

GyPSy Guide is like having a Tour Guide ride along in your car while you enjoy explore an area on a sightseeing drive.

GyPSy provide commentary that plays AUTOMATICALLY as you drive. Our tours tell you about places that are coming up so you can decide whether it’s a stop you might like to make. Sometimes, we’ll just tell you about something interesting to see as we drive by.

As we drive from place to place, GyPSy will share stories with you about the area, information that provides interesting and entertaining background to make your visit an even better, richer experience. Its just like having a local friend, who just happens to be an expert Tour Guide, to show you around.

What will happen while you drive?

While you are touring, the screen will display a map showing your location and arrows. The arrows indicate the places where commentary will play. As you drive and your blue location dot passes through an arrow, a box will open and the audio will play automatically.

GyPSy’s technology allows commentary to only play in the direction you are going, the direction the arrow is pointing. If you have to use the same road to go in and out to a place of interest, GyPSy will play different commentary on the return drive.

Once you launch the tour and start driving, there is nothing else to do. Just drive and listen to the stories, tips and advice about the area you are exploring. Its just like listening to the radio, but the radio knows exactly where you are and which way you are going.

Professional Tour Guides

Our goal is for you to have the best possible time at any location you are exploring with GyPSy Guide. When we design a tour, we make the assumption that it’s the first, or maybe second, time you are visiting than region. Our Tour Guides take care to make sure you have a great introduction and background to the area. We pick what, in our opinion, are the places that are going to deliver the best experiences for you. We’ll recommend many places, but we will be sure to let you know which ones are your Must-Do’s and the other are excellent extra add-ons if your timing allows.

Our tours don’t overload you by telling you every-single-place on a tour route; that would be too much. Our tours are designed to make it clear how to structure your visit. Its not about showing how smart we are – its all about making sure you have a great time.

We do not include any ads or “paid placements” in our tours. We only provide recommendations because we think a place is an important part of your visit. Some recommendations are for attractions that have a fee – We are not against that if the experience is worthwhile. What we won’t do is recommend a place because someone wants to pay us to do it.

Works Offline – No Network or Data Connection Required To Tour

That’s right, while touring, you do not require any cellular, data or even wireless network connection to tour. Our tour apps are specially designed so that anyone can use them – whether touring away from your home network, or even visiting from another country. You will not have any Roaming or Network Data fees for touring with our apps.

All you have to do is download the tour over a wireless network before you start driving. Leave your Data Roaming turned off – its not required to tour with GyPSy.

How do we do that? Most apps that use your location, like Maps-type apps, beam the maps and information into your phone/device using a network connection. With our tour, once you have downloaded, you have all the information. All you need is the GPS signal so your device knows where it is. GPS signal is FREE – it does not come from cell phone towers! GPS signal does not come from AT&T, Verizon, Bell, Telus, Sprint etc.

How to use a GyPSy Guide Tour App

Its easy.

    • Find the tour(s) that match your itinerary.
    • Click on the buttons that take you to the listing in the store that matches your device: App Store for Apple, Play Store for Android.
    • Download the tour app over a WiFi network. For Paid Tours, the charge will be made by the Store against the account you created with them.
    • When you are ready to drive, launch the app and select “Start Driving Tour”. Once the device has worked out your location it will display the blue dot.
    • Start Driving and join the tour route anywhere, by driving through the arrows.


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